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Journal (peer-reviewed)

Commentary articles


Dubourg, E., Baumard, N. (In revision). Do fictions impact beliefs? A critical view. Handbook of Fiction and Belief.

In progress

Dubourg, E., Thouzeau, V., de Dampierre, C., Mogoutov, A., Baumard, N. (submitted). Exploratory preferences explain the human fascination for imaginary worlds. PsyArXiv.


Dubourg, E.†, Thouzeau, V. †, Beuchot, T., Boon-Falleur, M., Fiorio, G., Fitouchi, L., Mercier, M., Mercier, H., Sijilmassi, A., Zhong, Y., Baumard, N. (in prep.). Cognitive Ingredients for Successful Fictions.

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